Thank you for your patience while I build this website.  I hope to provide vital information about popular vehicles that are overlanded.  My goal is to inform you about strengths and weakness of these vehicles.


2019+ Honda Passport

2014-2018 Subaru Forester XT

2014-2018 Subaru Forester XT

largest tire for 2019+ Honda Passport

Full time AWD 

     twin clutch rear differential

     (high biased LSD)

3.5L V6  280HP/262TQ

     0-60 5.8 sec

     MPG 19/24 city/hwy

ZF 9 Speed transmission

     20.4:1 crawl ratio

 8.1 inches min. ground clearance 


Spacious and comfortable - This vehicle has a ridiculous amount of elbow and shoulder room.  If you prefer to sleep in your vehicle, this comes ready right from the dealership, just drop the 2nd row for a flat sleeping surface

iVTM4 AWD - This is probably the best AWD system on the market right now.  If you watch the youtube channel Driving Sports TV, this is the only crossover that has made it up the crosscut hill (note, they don't seem to test Jeeps).  If you watch TFL (the fast lane car) they sent a Honda Pilot and Ridgeline up Goldmine Hill.  Not many other crossovers have made it up, the ones that have are the Jeep trailhawk crossovers.

ZF9 transmission - I need to start off by saying this transmission was plagued with issues when it was first introduced.  The Passport gets version 2, and it's just too soon to tell how long this transmission will last, but one thing is for sure, this thing is CAPABLE!  This is the same transmission that is put into the Jeep renegade and compass trailhawks with the same 20.4:1 crawl ratio.


20 inch wheels - high profile wheels has to be the stupidest trend in crossover/SUV's.  You'll want to downsize to an 18 inch wheel ASAP!!!  The more tire sidewall the better!

It's wide - This vehicle is surprisingly wider than a Toyota Tacoma and 4 runner.  it's 3.4 inches wider!  This has led to my Honda Passport getting many pin stripes, some very deep.  Obviously, there is nothing you can do about this issue.

8.1 inches of ground clearance - There's so much capability in the Honda Passport but you won't be able to utilize any of it if there isn't enough ground clearance.      The great thing is that there's a decent amount of upgrade potential.  There's a 3.5 inch lift kit available and you can add 33 inch tires.  That's a 5 inch lift!

High learning curve - There's no hill descent control in the Honda Passport, but descending a steep hill in 1st gear will actually be safer than any brake based hill descent control system.  Unfortunately, it's not readily apparent how to operate the controls.  Once you learn how to operate you passport, it's easy to control.

2014-2018 Subaru Forester XT

2014-2018 Subaru Forester XT

2014-2018 Subaru Forester XT


Full time AWD


2.0L H4 Turbo 250HP/258TQ

     0-60 6.8 sec

     MPG  23/28 city/hwy 


     14.4:1 crawl ratio

8.7 inches min. ground clearance


Compact - This vehicle can squeeze through many places that a larger vehicle can't.

Tight turning radius - this vehicle can squeeze into many places a larger vehicle can't.

Subaru AWD - regarded as one of the best AWD systems on the market, you'll be surprised at where a Subaru can take you.  This generation has X-mode which is an advanced traction control system with brake based hill descent control.


CVT - It's substantially less capable than older Foresters with the 4EAT transmission.  It's also stalls quicker than base model Forester 2.5's with the TR580 CVT.  The CVT in this turbo charged Forester typically goes out before 100K miles (My CVT went out at 60k miles).  Monitoring your transmission temps and adding a transmission cooler will help.

Premature CV bushing and joint failure - it seems they aren't made like they use to.  Lower control arm bushing and axles seem to be going out as low as 30k miles.  Unfortunately, OEM parts are the best option.